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Spreading Repair Culture


Since May of 2013, Repair PDX has been organizing Repair Cafés where volunteers fix broken household items for free.


We are back to offering in-person events! We are also currently offering workshops to help people fix their own items, expanding our repair education programming, and offering Repair Vouchers Spring of 2022!

Find a Local Repair Business by clicking below!

Download our "How to Host Your Own Repair Café" Kit

Want to know how to host your own Repair Cafe? Download our free kit to learn how and have all the needed documents at your fingertips!

Want to learn how to start a Repair Café near you?


Repair Events and Education


Click here to see updated Repair PDX events or check out the Regional Repair Calendar for all the events in our area.

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Repair Voucher Program


Our repair voucher program subsidizes the cost of repairing an item while supporting repair businesses in Portland. Click here to find out more!

Right to Repair Legislation


Learn more about the Right to Repair movement and how you can get involved this year in Oregon

Zipper Repair Skillshare Video

Zipper Repair Skillshare Video

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