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What you can expect:

After signing up to be a volunteer with us, we'll add you to our volunteer email list. Before each of our events, we will reach out with what types of volunteers are needed. If you're able to join us for that event, you can reply and we'll give you further instructions.

Your first volunteer shift will act as an orientation, where we guide you through the event with experienced volunteers.


As a Fixer: We'll chat with you about your specific skill set and what kinds of repairs you're comfortable with. We ask that you bring your own tools, but we're all here to help each other succeed, so tools, materials, and advice are regularly shared between fixers. 

As a Runner/Registrar: You'll come early to the event and help set up the registration table and signage. You will walk participants through how the event works, help them sign in their broken items, and bring them and their items to fixers or the waiting area. There will always be someone nearby to help if you have any questions.

As someone who wants to learn repair skills: We will reach out to learn what you're most interested in and offer some time that you can shadow and learn from an experienced fixer. We have regular shop hours at ADX as well as events for even more learning opportunities!

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