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Repair Voucher Program

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Hidden Opulence Repair Voucher.png
Overview of the Pilot Repair Voucher Program:

The purpose of the this test voucher program is to:
*Spread repair culture
*Reduce the financial barriers to repairing belongings
*Prioritize communities of color and queer communities
*Grow the repair economy in Portland

How the Pilot Repair Voucher Program works:

*Initially, Repair PDX is partnering with two repair businesses: JD’s Shoe Repair and Hidden Opulence. 
*For each business, there will be 50 vouchers available for the amount of $40 towards the cost of the repair.
*Only one voucher may be used for a single repair and if the cost of the repair is greater than $40, the customer is required to pay the difference 
*Folks will be selected using criteria from the purpose statements, and selected randomly to receive a voucher. 

What the Pilot Repair Voucher Program is:

Through a generous grant by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, we are able to begin a Pilot Repair Voucher Program. Together with community partners and repair businesses, Repair PDX will begin testing out offering repair vouchers in 2022 on a limited basis. 

Instructions on how to apply for the Pilot Repair Voucher Program:

*Fill out the voucher application
*If selected, you will be sent an email with an electronic voucher
*Instructions on how to use the voucher will be sent to you as well. Depending on the type of voucher, either bring it into the shop or fill out an online repair request. 

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