Repair Voucher Program

Repair PDX is partnering with Oregon DEQ to provide monetary assistance to folks who need repairs done on household items. By subsidizing the transaction, folks can get their stuff fixed for free or at reduced cost, and repair businesses benefit from additional customers.


If you are interested in participating in the voucher program or would like more information, please fill out the interest form HERE.  

Why do a voucher program?

The purpose of a repair voucher program is to boost the repair economy and to help folks fix their household items rather than discarding them once they are broken. Unfortunately, the cost of repairing an item often is more than throwing something away and getting a new one. Because of this, our program is offering financial support to folks so that items can be fixed and continue to be used. The purpose is also to put money into the pockets of folks who repair items and support local repair businesses.

What is it, and how does it work?

A repair "voucher" is payment for getting a household item fixed. When someone has something broken, rather than throwing it away, they would find a repair shop they want to take it to OR contact Repair PDX, who is partnering with different shops and organizations that do repair. Once we find the right place to take it to get fixed, Repair PDX will pay the shop or organization to do the repair so that the person can get their item fixed for free or reduced cost, depending on the repair.

What kinds of things can be repaired?

This program is designed to repair household items. This includes: small appliances (i.e. toasters, paper shredders, fans, etc.), lamps, sewing/mending, electronics, shoes, clocks, and other items that might otherwise be thrown away and replaced.

What a voucher cannot be used for:

The intention of this project is to help fix items that would normally be thrown away due to prohibitive cost of repair. Because of this, vouchers cannot be used for things that already get repaired such as car repair, large appliance repair (refrigerators, washer/dryers, etc.), home repairs,  etc. While we understand that there are definite needs for folks to get these repaired as well, we are working on shifting the culture around what kinds of things can be repaired.

How do I get a voucher to repair my broken item? 

First, fill out the voucher interest form HERE. Afterwards, someone will be in touch to talk about your situation and how to get you a voucher that works with your specific needs.

Please reach out to us at with questions/ideas or to learn more about how to participate in the program.